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that came out, cnn-orc poll. latino voters choice for the president. whopping 70% chose president obama compared with 26 terz for mitt romney. romney here is doing worse than john mccain did back in 2008 who got 31%. the latino vote. also worse than george w. bush in 2004 who got 44% of the latino. anna, to you. is there anything at this point that romney can do to get the latino support up? >> well, suzanne, i think praying on novina might help. look, he -- we had a tough primary on the republican side. i think mitt romney has been an unknown commodity to his hispani hispanics. he doesn't come from a border state like john mccain or george w. bush did. he has not done a great intense voter outreach with the latinos because he ran out of money after the primary. he -- let me just be absolutely truthful and give smu straight talk as john mccain would say. mitt romney dug himself into a hole with latinos during the primary. he said some things that are coming back to haunt him. he now needs to find a way to dig himself out of that hole. i think the only way he will do it is if he really c
small percentage that is going to turn out on election day. >> latinos make up 12% of the colorado electorate. there's a recent latino decisions poll which found enthusiasm is way up in that community. some people are more excited this year than they were in '08. what are democrats in your state doing to make sure that latino who support this president overwhelmingly as it seems they do actually get out and vote. >> you're right. the enthusiasm among the latino population is sky high right now. they understand -- we understand. i'm a latino myself. we understand the very clear differences between what mitt romney is trying to sell the latino people and what president obama has shown in his bold leadership. so we just need to continue to show that contrast between the two. i think, frankly, that it's too late for mitt romney amongst the latino community. now it's our job to just ensure that those people that are enthusiastic actually translate to turning their ballots in. >> okay. thanks, rick. >> thanks so much. >>> here's a look at the other stories topping the news now. while geo
, to the latino community. notable he will be there as well. >> very interesting. thanks very, very much, jim acosta in littleton, colorado. >>> all right. this just coming in to cnn. the results of our brand new poll among latinos all over the united states. certainly one of the country's fastest growing and increasingly important groups of voters. look at this. it shows overwhelming support for president obama. he leads mitt romney 70% to 26% among likely latino voters. let's bring in our chief national correspondent john king joining us from denver, the site of the debate tomorrow night. john, you've taken a close look at these numbers. are there any nuggets in there that may be good for the romney campaign? because 70% of latinos saying they're likely to vote for the president of the united states, that's pretty bad for romney. >> reporter: wolf, i've scrubbed the numbers, looked at the cross tops and in a word, no, there is nothing encouraging for the romney campaign in the poll of likely latino voters. one way you judge an incumbent president, president obama, you ask people what do you
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that this morning. i want to remind everybody to tune in this weekend. my new documentary "latino in america: courting their vote" sunday 8:00 pm eastern and airs again at 11:00 pm eastern. "cnn newsroom" with carol costello begins right now. have a great weekend. hello, carol. >>> good morning to you. i'm carol costello. breaking news on the economy. new jobless numbers are in. guess what? the unemployment rate is now below 8%. so let's had head straight back to new york. christine romans is there to break these numbers down for us. good morning, christine. >> good morning, carol. 7.8% is the unemployment rate now, fell from 8.1%. and 114,000 jobs were created in the month. carol, there's another number here, 86,000. that's how many jobs were add in july and august that government auditor didn't notice in the beginning. they revised their numbers. actually, july, august were stronger than expected to the tune of 86,000. 7.8% unemployment rate. what does that mean? the best since january 2009. when we dig within these numbers, carol, we can also see that some 418,000 people entered the workf
is not going to win the latino vote but the question now is how much is he going to lose it by. the president is now up 52 points amongst latino voters compared to six weeks ago, the support has dropped from 26 to 21%. back in august, romney said he was aiming for 38% of the hispanic vote. that was seven points more than what john mccain had in 2008. latinos are the largest minority group in the united states. 23.7 million are eligible to vote in this election. that is a record but turnout is traditionally lower for this minority than white or black voters overall. some churches are working to turn out the latino and african american vote bypassing out voter registration cards in battle ground states and asking people to promise to participate in caravans to get souls to the polls on election day. and since latinos are not likely to vote for mitt romney it is not stopping him from trying to win them over. he is going to honor the temporary work permits that allow young people to stay in the country. we're back in just a minute. what not to wear. >>and now to my point. tha
like it is a ploy to get the conservative latino vote? >> i think that it is a little bit of desperation. it is something you might have expected months earlier. what's shocked me kind of up until this point is romney was pushed so far to the right in the primary because he was really worried about santorum and all of them, perry and because he had this history as the governor of massachusetts and had a reputation as being more of a moderate, he -- especially on immigration really took a hard right position, to the right of rick perry, to the right of almost everyone else running and he never really tacked back. he's kind of stuck with that all the way through and i think finally he may be starting to realize well, we need something to offer. the problem is at this point a lot of the perceptions and a lot of the perceptions of romney really historically negative for an actual nominee of the party. have sunken in. so i don't know if you can really make a fundamental change in how people perceive you. but he's got
an important voice. >> latinos, business owners and newer residents ready to deliver colorado's crucial nine electoral votes, they could decide who takes the white house. >> reporter: the president will be back in colorado next week. this time in conservative territory in colorado springs. both campaigns working incredibly hard. like everywhere else in the country, it does seem that it will come down to organization and that ground game and who can get the vote out. >> colorado clearly critically important. >>> now to another increasingly important presidential battleground. we're talking about the commonwealth of virginia. john king spent some time there talking to people and poll sters. >> if you look at the map miguel is in colorado that's one of the red states the president turned blue. if you lo at the map you see all this red. how did obama win last time? he woven it from all of them right here in fast growing northern virginia. >> reporter: urgency in a place once reliably red. >> this is the republican party in virginia. >> mitt romney's path to the white house runs through virginia
th. of course, it's really on november the 6th. latino groupd government have already had a lot of tension lately, and often clash mostly about immigration issues. county officials say the error has been fixed. the local rights group says the damage has already been done. pretty extraordinary, isn't it? stay with cnn. we're all over the voter card mistake story. live from washington in the next hour with more reaction from latino groups in arizona, and how the county is explaining exactly what happened there. >>> well, the u.s. needs mexican resources. words of advice from across the border to the men hoping to be the next u.s. president. there is also some concern about u.s. immigration policy. take a look. ♪ >> new president has to be able to recognize that the country needs mexican resources can come here and benefit a lot of people and especially the mexican economy. >> translator: the president mustence aorki f them? just that. >> translator: in the united states to treat badly those without pars, that's wrong. i don't agree with that. >> translator: the relations should
where they can get latinos to vote for them. >> yeah. >> bill: and just six years ago "the new york times" reporting this morning 56% of latinos were against same-sex marriage. today, 52% of latinos support same sex marriage. the politics changing across the board. certainly among young people. >> right. >> bill: this is a big winner for those who support same-sex marriage and loser for those trying to stop it. >> the republicans are getting beaten badly, mitt romney among latinos. if he loses this election, that's going to be the post script of why he didn't court them better and going to the right on deportation. republicans say some republicans say if mitt romney loses, maybe we just get immigration reform off the table, because we're getting hammered on that and thinking maybe we'll appeal to the social conservative latinos polls show that may not work, especially going in that direction. >> bill: boehner is just doing this on his own right using available funds for a speaker. >> as speaker, you can direct the house counsel to get involved in cases. this has been going on for qu
to important demographic groups, including women, latino and white men. part of getting those voters to the polls including mining into the personal lives. "the new york times" writes the campaign has planted software to see if they frequent evangelical or erotic websites. voters with religious websites might have religion friendly messages when they return to the campaign's website. thank you so much for your time. you wrote about this. we know that retailers do this. they study our profile and study where we like to shop. it's logical that the campaigns would be doing this. >> absolutely. this is the cutting edge of using all the tools available to them. i think the issue is, though, a lot is done to influence voting habits. i wrote a book called "the power of habit" that looks at how target tries to take advantage of shoppers to figure out who is pregnant. the fact campaigns are doing it shouldn't be surprised. they feel that exam pains and politics are different from stores and retailers. the privacy of the voting booth they think extending into their homes and that's not true. >
voters and latino voters and youth voters that really made up a big part of his winning coalition four years ago, the question they have and that others have raised is, you know, will these groups be voting at the same levels as they did four years ago. >> and i think in that harvard poll there's a suggestion that 65% of romney supporters say they will go out. only 55% express strong enthusiasm for the president. >> and that can make a big difference if we have close races in some of these key states. >> dr. peterson, this is mitt romney in april telling students in ohio, young people, how they, themselves, can afford the american dream. take a listen. that was not mitt romney. that was, of course, someone else. >> i'm familiar with the quote though. >> we'll play it again. here it is. >> we've always encouraged young people take a shot, go for it. take a risk. get the education, borrow money if you have to from your parents, start a business. >> it's simple, you take out a loan from your parents and we're all millionaires. >> again, romney has become an expert at showing -- exposing f
. this scam has targeted latino victims. >> there is health officials warning rez don'ts avoid touching bats. a 34-year-old resident dived contracting rain ease. the man succumbed to the illness and officials say he may have contracted it after coming into a contact with a rabid bat. >> a bat was flopping on the ground. and acting weird. another individual picked up the bat with a bag and the gentleman who died went over and stuck his hand in the bag and was likely bitten. >> most cases happen after it is bitten. once symptoms again, -- begin, it is almost always fatal in humans. >> this is in saratoga county. all southbound lanes are closed and you can see why. authorities aren't sure how this began but do say lanes are slick with moisture. two people were seriously injured and 25 others have been taken to the hospital. >> there is another instance of seats coming lose on jets this, time, grounding a flight out of san francisco the airline says the flight to mim was canceled this morning after a row of economy seats on that boeing 7 a57 came loose before takeoff. >> there is a a cool down h
on the right. it's good stuff. might not help romney with the latino vote. we're going to get a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll coming up in our next hour. >>> then bringing out bubba. president bill clinton will stump for the president in new hampshire at noon today. overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. more discounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive. this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy >>> welcome back, everybody. earlier we asked you, do you think that one of the candidates will deliver a knock
and ohio in black and latino neighborhoods. we're mobilizing hundreds of thousands 6 folks to call on clear channel and push them to remove these billboards. >> what they're saying is that people have these associations. people who may have been involved with the police think they can't vote when they see these scare tactics. what is the impact of an ad like this tricia, and why is it so outrageous? >> well, this is unbelievably outrawoutrageous. it looks very neutral but by targeting minority communities who have already been discriminated through a widely researched and proven practices where young black men in particular are arrested, harassed and jailed for things that other people are not even seen for and sentenced with long sentences threatened with a felony builds on already existing discriminatory process. it's incredibly hostile and again it's part of hundreds of years. it's not just the koch brothers. it's not just the recent campaign. african-american voters have been unwelcome at the polls for centuries. i think thank goodness for rashad's campaign. we really all americans need
here telling latinos you need i.d. and in other states we must confront confusion distortions and voter suppression methods wherever we find it, not just
% of african-americans, 16% of but when you look at the broader latinos, and 8% of white americans have no government- issued id. for the majority of americans it may seem natural and normal to have an identification, but the reality is there are a number of people who still do not have them. host: here is grace from ohio on the democrat's line. let me push a button. lasard, go ahead. caller: i'm from the old south. i come from before fdr. are you still there? host: yes, go ahead. caller: i am seeing this country going backwards. in the old south, i was born before fdr. my family was still in the complex clan. or their associates did. blacks did not vote. we would shoot them if they did. they knew their place as women knew their place. host: so the current order id? caller: me tell you about variety. are was born in la berber, tennessee. my birth certificate says creek, tennessee. there is no creek, tennessee and never has been i was born on my grandfather's farm with plenty of people around. i am one of those people that i finally got myself registered after moving to a new address and
that we've got the latino locked up, we've got the women locked up we can then throw latina women over whelmingly the domestic workers under the bus. jerry brown should not have vetoed that bill. it's democrats taking advantage of the fact that right now latinos and women don't feel they can go to the republican party. the sickness in the republican party on these issues is -- jerry brown should be ashamed of himself. >> don't you think that's a broader pattern in the democratic party? >> it could be. >> you have social issues a lot of places are trumping economic issues. even in new york andrew cuomo maybe signed the bill you're describing, but when cuomo wants to shore up his base, he does gaye marriage and when he wants to come to the marriage, this is something economic liberals should be concerned about that social liberalism is sort of the only liberalism that really matters. >> and i'm delighted that van brought jerry brown up. one, i think van is right. the democratic party does take advantage of its constituencies. i would argue it's taken advantage of latinos for a long time.
and said i've been voting my he whole life. i'm 88 and 90 years old, and now i can't vote. latino voters say i'm put under this requirement possibly that cannot be obtained. i cannot get my i.d. under these circumstances. is it harder to get people to support felons in some cases who have been convicted of obviously violent crimes? is that part of the roadblock at all or not? >> yeah. what helps here is for folks to really focus on just what a wide swath of people and month gets impacted. you know, we heard from charles dutton today on the tv show "the rock" back in the '90s who for 31 years after he got out of prison could not vote paying millions of dollars and talking about how he was subjected to taxation without representation even after he served his time. it helps folks to focus on the history. these laws were put in place for a reason. they were put in place as a wave right after the civil war. in states like virginia you talked about earlier it said quite plainly the person that made the argument for this law in 1901 made it very plain. he said because of this law, the darky wil
really have a huge turnout, latino voters, the numbers are there, but the enthusiasm, at least according to the polling, shows that the republicans have the advantage and that's why this race remains tight for romney. what's your take on this high-interest and enthusiasm, at least if the numbers are right, higher among republicans? >> i think at the beginning of the year, it was a real problem for democrat, i think the republicans led in high interest or enthusiasm by 10, 12%. now if that poll is correct it is down to 2%, which is statistically insignificant. i think since the convention, democratic interest has gone way up and republican interest has gone down slightly. so, i think it is not going to be much of a difference, 75% republicans, 73% democrats vote, the president wins in all those battleground states, democrats have a registration. the president wins, maybe even going away in those states. so i think the enthusiasm gap that exists in the beginning of the year has been pretty much narrowed, tamron. >> it is interesting. i want to talk about your home state you pennsylvania, o
that was the opportunity, and it takes us out of the stereotype as women or as gay voters or latino voters that we don't just care about one-sided issues, but the economy is at the core. so i kind of like that it shows that women are tuning in, paying attention, and we are concerned about issues that are much bigger than the stereotypical ones, but, yes, those would have helped too. >> to your point i think the president wasn't sure which mitt romney was going to show up at the debate. now he knows and knows how to prepare for him -- >> but that's no guarantee he's not going to change again for the next debate. >> that's fair. >>en owe the specific point of his performance, do you believe that mitt romney is a good improviser? one of the things we have picked up is that when he's on script, he can deliver an okay speech. but he's not dizzy gillespie. he can't improvise that well. this could be a strategy that goes down a bad path for him ultimately. it's all very well for his wife and sons to say be yourself. that could be problematic for mitt romney. >> i think that's exactly right. probably the bigg
reform. and if republicans think they need to win over latino voters, maybe a tiny shot of the dream act and that's it. >> one very big thing by doing nothing, the end of the bush tax cuts for the wealthy. you shouldn't underestimate how huge that is. talking about $5 trillion. you know that's going to come flowing into the federal government. he's going to have the upper hand just through an action. >> that won't happen because they'll restore all of the tax cuts for the middle income earners as soon as the bush tax cuts expire they'll revote in. it won't be 5 trillion. >> medicare, that's important. people need to understand voucherized medicare. >> talking about before, it is democratic pollsters, people like you mentioned james carville, stan greenberg, going around the country, talking to swing voters. swing voters are telling them it's a problem the president's not laying out a specific plan for the future. they're saying it over and over. >> the campaign reached a tipping point where the president has to offer a bold narrative policy and choice to win re-election, that was after t
elections, it could potentially help boost any sort of latino voter turnout for the president. at the same time, we are also potentially anticipating the president to react to the blistering comments from mitt romney earlier today when he spoke at vmi, about a 20-minute in length speech on foreign policy. will the president respond? we'll be listening, dip in and take some of that live as soon as we see the president in keen, california. but from president obama to his challenger, as i mentioned, today, laying out his foreign policy plans. the thing is, they actually don't sound dramatically different from that of president obama, except for one major detail. that's next. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with l
not to be believed it's so big. this was a group that everyone had written up. latinos and women, mitt romney, mitt romney has no chance to get those. he closed 18 points in one debate. i'd be surprised. that's a huge leap. >> i never thought it was like 10 or 11 points, i don't think it's tied now either. i think it's maybe four or five. again, looking at all the polls. i think this may be an outlier on the women. i think you're right. >> there were a couple of other quick things in that poll. first of all, on the michigan, that's remarkable because a month ago, mitt romney, crossroads, everybody else pulled out of michigan. there were no ads running there. if he closed the gap like that, he did it on his own. also 78% of independents in that pew survey thought mitt romney won the debate. and then the enthusiasm for mitt romney, a campaign that a lot of people said, joe you know, and inside republican circles, this is a loser, we're moving on to 2016. now 67% of republicans say they're enthusiastic about their candidate, that's up 15 points from the last survey. >> mika, you brought this up this w
their white counterparts. >> to hear of us saying some of us latinos got in here easily and the only reason we got in here is because of our race, that's disappointing. we worked just as hard as anyone else did to get here to u.t. >> reporter: conservative groups siding with fisher says it's not just about getting in. studies show that using racial preferences can hurt minorities by starting them out near the bottom of their classes. >> if they're toward the bottom of whatever class they go to, they are much more likely to give up on an ambition to major in science and engineering. >> very interesting. there he is, swroe johns outside the supreme court. good morning to you, joe. how do you see this case playing out among the justices? >> reporter: well, don, we're going to find out in just about an hour. it's a vastly different court from nine years ago when sandra day o'connor wrote a majority opinion in a very similar case. of course, she's no longer on the court. there's also a possibility of a 4-4 tie. justice elena kagan is reaccusing herself due to the fact that she sort of handled some
areas predominantly african-american or latino. >> reporter: the billboards have been popping up in cities in ohio and wisconsin. 85 in milwaukee, 30 in columbus, another 30 in cleveland and 31 in cincinnati. protests started almost as soon as they went up demanding the signs come down. >> this billboard is nothing but a symbol of pure unadulterated suppression to target an african-american community. >> reporter: the two advertising companies that sold the space, clear channel and norton outdoor, say the buyer was not out to target minorities. >> there was no request for any specific demographic target at all. they wanted the best locations they could get for those four weeks leading up to the election. >> reporter: the bigamist ri is who's behind them? the billboard itself does not tell. it reads paid for by a private family foundation. and neither company will say who that is. after declining an on camera interview, here's what clear channel wrote to cnn. "the advertiser put into the contract to remain anonymous. it is our policy to require advertisers including political adve
. >> it's a lot like that. this topic did not come up at all at the debate last night but latino voters did come up with time. what did the candidates say? we'll fact-check them coming up. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. we've got a lot of empty cans. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank. have led to an increase intands clinical depression. drug and alcohol abuse is up. and those dealing with g
admission to the university of texas. her lawyers claim that african-american and latino students were admitted with lower scores. >>> the board of supervisors have voted to reinstate the sheriff despite his conviction of a domestic violence case involving his wife. >>> walmart's labor problems have spread to dozens of stores in at least 12 cities. the protesting workers want the right to unionize, saying they're underpaid and lacking in benefits. they will be taking their protest to arkansas tonight, where walmart is holding its annual shareholders meeting. >>> people are getting stressed out at work. pressures on the job is the number two cause of stress after financial worries. "the wall street journal" says companies are responding by offering everything from training programs to different kinds of office wallpaper, all to create a sense of calm. boy, what wouldn't be good there? >>> also, this guy, rich. he's single and he wants to get married. why can't he find someone. this is former wall street trader, larry greenfield. he's making headlines because he's speaking out against ma
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 71 (some duplicates have been removed)